How to Become a Mystery Shopper

Please Read All Of The Following Carefully!

A good mystery shopper must be reliable, observant, organized, objective, flexible, honest and thorough. Their role is not to seek out the negatives or find fault but is to observe, report accurately on their experience and record what occurred and what didn’t occur during the visit. They must follow the protocol strictly, never leads the conversation and is observant without being obvious.

Tips to Becoming a Good Mystery Shopper


A Good Mystery Shopper Must Be:

  • Reliable
  • Observant
  • Organized
  • Objective
  • Flexible
  • Honest
  • Thorough

Mystery Shopper:

  • Documents only what they observe, and not what they thought should have been.
  • Sticks to the guidelines and does not deviate from the scenario in use.
  • Never leads the conversation.
  • Is observant without being obvious.
  • Poses as a “real” customer
  • Makes sure their shopper identity is not known by the person being evaluated
  • Might be asked to purchase a product
  • Might have to ask specific questions or register a complaint to see how they are handled
  • Will observe a typical customer’s experience
  • Reports on their experience / visit objectively and is not continually negative or trying to find fault (without a valid reason).
  • Provides detailed, objective feedback about their experience


We are currently accepting applications for North America only.

Note: 'Cultural Bias' is inherent in all tests (just the fact that the test is in English is a cultural bias.) As such, it is difficult to gather knowledge about what a person knows and what a person can ascertain from a given set of information. The test is not designed to be biased for or against anyone. Each question is worded in a clear and precise manner to elicit a clear and distinct answer. It is imperative that you read each question carefully before answering, as some answers may seem to be correct, but in fact, are not. The ability to follow guidelines is a key element in performing a mystery shop and this test is the initial determining step on the road to shopping with Service Detective Insight.

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