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How Does it Work?

When we receive mystery shopping requests from companies, we look through our database
to find matches of suitable shoppers (normally, this is based on location).
If you’re a match then we’ll be able to send you more information.

August/October 2014: We are currently accepting applications again for a limited period.

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Additional Information

Before applying for any assignments, it’s important to brush up on your observational skills. You’ll be required to memorize actions and occurrences, and in many cases will not be able to write notes. This is where your undercover skills will come in as you need to remain calm and act like a normal shopper, but also keep your focus on everything that is going on around you. Knowing what to look for and what to evaluate will help you when it comes to giving feedback and your opinion on the overall service that you were given. The company is banking on your feedback to make amendments to their business and make customers have an overall better time when they are served, so it’s vitally important to be accurate.

If you’re out of work or looking for an additional income to bolster your earnings, working as a secrete shopper is ideal. As mystery shopper companies work with many large organizations and clients, there are many projects to take part in. You’re given an email or will receive a phone call seeing if you want to partake in an assignment near to you, and this is perfect for those with busy lifestyles to pick and choose what to take. What’s more, it’s not only fun having a job as a mystery shopper, but it can be very profitable too.


By submitting your details to us, you are confirming that you have read and agree to our terms and privacy policy. If you are successfully accepted, you will receive mystery shopping opportunities along with any other useful offers or work we think you may find interesting to both make and save money.

Unlike many companies, we will NEVER share or sell your personal details to others and you are free to request complete removal from our database at any time (our aim is for you to love us so that you won’t want to do that though!).