Ask anyone at IR what we do best…and they’ll tell you…we do Mystery Shopping right!
Whether you’re a first time client, or you’ve been mystery shopping for years, our team of dedicated professionals will make sure your program is perfectly tailored to suit your needs.



It’s easy for us to blow our own horn…and we’re not perfect (darn it!), but check out some stats we’re pretty proud of:

  • 8.5 years – (The average number of years our team members have worked here)
  • 99.12% – (The completion ratio of mystery shops fully executed for all our clients last year)
  • 98.85% – (The percentage of mystery shopper reports sent to our clients within 12-24 hrs)
  • 99.27% - (The number of clients who renewed their services with us last year)
  • .00125% – (The error rate for mystery shops returned to us because of a problem)


These stats translate into a company that truly strives to deliver you the very best in Mystery Shopping Services. Let us show you a better way to Mystery Shop your business!